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DeMartini, Barker and Jackman on Cities’ Failure to Protect Farmland

Stanislaus County Supervisor Jim DeMartini is nobody’s patsy. So when Stanislaus County cities presented their growth plans to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) at last July’s meeting, DeMartini smelled a rat. “They weren’t plans at all,” he says. “They may as well have been written by the BIA (Building Industry Association).”

Denham to Sacrifice Wild and Scenic on an Altar of Houses

Once in office, Congressman Jeff Denham wasted no time introducing legislation all too typical of the far right’s assault on the public interest. HR 869 looks innocuous enough on its surface. Touted as another, “jobs, jobs, jobs,” project, the Bill would raise the height of the Exchequer Dam. Denham claims, The benefits