Voters Say Yes to Vision and Integrity: Marsh is Mayor

Tuesday, February 7, Modesto voters repudiated the fictitious claims of Brad Hawn and his supporters by electing Garrad Marsh Mayor of Modesto. Marsh rolled to victory both on the strength of his platform—grow up, not out—and his own honor and integrity. When his opponents tried to label him a cynical and hypocritical

To Sell or Not to Sell Water to San Francisco, That is the Question

Former Modesto City Councilman Bruce Frohman (pictured left) continues to follow important regional political issues. As a Councilman, Frohman was known for his cautious use of taxpayer money and his dedication to preserving farmland. Below, Frohman discusses the controversial proposal to sell Modesto Irrigation District water to San Francisco. The Modesto Irrigation

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