Dear Editor,

Caroline Mitton’s suggestion in her letter to the Editor regarding local economic development seems to make a lot of sense.  In fact, her comments echo the words of former Modesto City Council Member Dennis K. Jackman. He used to say that 80 percent of local job growth is generated by existing businesses within the County. Read More


When I read in your article about supply lines becoming a problem, I thought of the reading I’ve been doing about people trying to organize in a more self-sufficient way. Maybe this is the time to look at that idea. Maybe focusing on bringing in more industry is the wrong way to go. Read More

Since January 6, We have Seen Two Types of Leaders Emerge
This country accepted my family as refugees when we were escaping a genocidal political regime. My gratitude for being here includes the moral obligation of seeking clarity and upholding truth. It requires weighing ideas like common good and democracy, distinguishing between nationalism and patriotism, and identifying racism and fascism. Read More

Stanislaus County does not have a Voter Fraud Problem
Ever since Donald Trump started trumpeting charges of election fraud, people who believe his every word have complained. Ever since witnessing the operations of the Stanislaus County elections office first hand, I have no doubt about the integrity of county elections. Read More