Valley Water, Valley Politics: A Fact Pattern

An acre foot of water is the amount of water that it takes to occupy an acre of land at one foot deep. It’s generally assumed that a family of four in a water-rich region will use about one acre foot of water per year; two families can use the same amount

Trump was, “the elephant in the room,” for Denham Event

“When he was asked about hate, the elephant in the room was the president,” said Modesto resident Ken Schroeder after Congressman Jeff Denham’s appearance at the Red Event Center in downtown Modesto on Tuesday. The event was sponsored by the Latino Community Roundtable. And even though the president’s name rarely came up

Bowzer for Harder and Social Security

New poll shows Harder and Denham in dead heat… Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, formerly of Sha Na Na and currently President of the Social Security Works PAC, is on a whirlwind tour to support candidates who pass his social security litmus test. Monday, he was at Sabatino’s Ristorante in Modesto to extoll the

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