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Reasons For Low Vaccination Rates in Stanislaus County

As of this writing, fewer than 50% of Stanislaus County residents have been fully vaccinated.  Statewide, 56% of California residents are fully vaccinated. In Stanislaus County, the number drops to 43.1%. Nearby Bay Area counties are all over 60%, with Marin County leading the way at 74.5%. The county has large groups of folks with […]

Still in Doubt? Vote ‘em Out!

For most of the duration of the pandemic, Stanislaus County has been among the top five worst counties in the state for controlling Covid-19.  As of October 25, it was 12th in infection rates at 77 per 100,000 residents. On the same day, the nearest county to the north, San Joaquin, registered 58 positive tests […]