Jeff Denham’s Supporters: Analysis by Bruce Frohman

Bruce Frohman

No matter what Congressman Jeff Denham says or does, the politician has a dedicated cadre of supporters who cannot and will not be swayed to vote for anyone else. They are proud of their loyalty and may defend their opinion to the point of incivility.

Mr. Denham’s supporters are not deplorable. They are not evil people. They are not stupid. They have a viewpoint that they strongly believe in. They hold onto the viewpoint thru an ideology that has been instilled by parents and their peers, with help from politicians, the media, the internet, and religious leaders.

The Denham supporter belief system is diametrically opposed to the political opposition. There is no compromise or middle ground for agreement. Politicians leading the country have been working for more than two decades to harden their supporters’ positions through ever more radical tactics.

Congressman Denham is a master at promoting political correctness in the name of Conservatism even though he does not hold true conservative values. He constantly reinforces stereotypes about the opposition and repeats the narrative to which his followers subscribe.

Local citizens who don’t subscribe to the belief systems of conservative or liberal ideology are called Independents. These outsiders are generally perceived as fair game as far as the truth is concerned. Any statement, whether true or not, is generally accepted by those inside the hardened camps as doctrine. Winning is more important than truth. The opposition is considered evil and must be destroyed. Coopting Independents is the best hope for electoral victory.

Mr. Denham’s supporters watch Fox News or listen to conservative talk Radio almost exclusively. They believe Fox has a monopoly on the truth and anything not on Fox must be fake news. Independents watch any and all news channels in an effort to find out what is going on. Liberals watch channels that best fit their belief system. All news channels mix propaganda in with their news stories.

Since President Donald Trump is portrayed on Fox as the best President in history and Denham’s supporters watch Fox exclusively, Denham’s supporters must vote for Denham because he supports Trump. Every time Democratic opponent Josh Harder puts out a mailer saying Denham votes with Trump 97.2 percent of the time, Harder bolsters the resolve of Denham supporters.

Jeff Denham and supporters

In the past two years, Fox News has promoted a number of conspiracy theories involving liberals. Websites like Breitbart provide confirmation of the conspiracy theories for Fox and vice versa. Creative writers are thereby able to manipulate the thinking of the faithful followers.

Conservatives maintain that Liberals do the same thing only it is the Liberals who lie.  Conservatives would never lie to other Conservatives to keep power, would they? As time goes by and the deception multiplies throughout the information ether, getting the real truth becomes more difficult for everyone.

Denham’s Support among the Religious Right

Liberals ask incredulously how religious people can support evil politicians like lying Denham and immoral Trump. The religious have a perfectly logical reason to justify their support.

Many religious people see Democrats and Liberals as living an immoral lifestyle with immoral values. They see their prejudices against gay people and those with loose sexual morals as adhering to God’s will. They would prefer to follow a conservative doctrine than side with groups they perceive as immoral, even if they have to elect their own immoral politicians.

When one attempts to point out that President Trump appears to have committed immoral acts, a ready answer is at hand. In the Bible, it says that the holy should obey our leaders and pay our taxes. God allowed Donald Trump to be our leader, so we shall accept him until he is turned out of office by God. And since Jeff Denham votes with Donald Trump, we must support him.

What Jeff Denham has accomplished as a representative for District 10 does not matter to the religious. The involuntary separation of immigrant children from their parents does not matter. Tax breaks for the wealthy to the detriment of the poor do not matter.

What matters is that the sinners in the political opposition be defeated at any cost, even if fellow Christians are hurt in the process. They believe they are fulfilling God’s will. That belief is promoted by the leaders of their respective church groups.

The Bible warning of, “Beware false prophets,” has been completely ignored or overlooked. If one mentions this passage to the religious, the believer will confidently assert that the religious leader providing guidance is infallible. Thus, the belief system is set in stone, yet easily manipulated by self-proclaimed prophets.

The writer of this article is neither Republican nor Democrat, neither liberal nor conservative. The application of labels is divisive and counterproductive in the discussion of politics. Labels are used solely to divide people and stop discussion. The labeling tactic has enabled a Congress with an approval rating of only 10 percent to gain re-election for several cycles.

Only when people resume voting in their own self-interest, rather than by label, will improvement be seen in the overall well-being of the country. United we stand, divided we fall is not just a slogan.


Bruce Frohman
Bruce Frohman
Bruce Frohman served on the Modesto City Council from 1999-2003. He believes the best way to build a better community is to have an informed citizenry.
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  1. If you are having trouble with our “Comments” feature please email [email protected]. Below is a comment from JNS, who had trouble with the Capcha element of “Comments”:

    “The writer of this article is neither Republican nor Democrat, neither liberal nor conservative. The application of labels is divisive and counterproductive in the discussion of politics,” this author writes, after having put divisive labels on those who support Rep. Jeff Denham.

    This is a silly commentary by someone who obviously doesn’t understand Denham supporters at all.

    So let me help explain why people who don’t even like Denham will vote for Denham this election: He is not a Democrat. We don’t want another Democrat elected to any office. Democrats do not represent our views.

    President Donald Trump does represent our views, and Denham supports Trump.

    We support putting America first; that’s not just a slogan.
    We support protecting our borders, and we reject the notion that makes us racist.
    We believe big government and over-regulation hurt our country.
    We believe in the U.S. Constitution, and we reject efforts to gut it through use of the court system.
    We believe in freedom of speech, including politically incorrect speech.
    We believe in due process, including the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

    We don’t care what Hollywood celebrities or athletes or foreigners think. We think for ourselves.

    The more Democrat leaders call us deplorable and uneducated, the firmer our resolve.

    It probably is difficult for left-wing activists and their group-think minions to understand us because we rarely express our views publicly.
    We wait until Election Day, and we vote.
    JN Sbranti

  2. By the rationale of this editorial, Fox News should be very pleased with its viewership in this area ass Denham has carried it with over fifty present for ten years. These exclusive Fox News viewers also voted Obama in twice and favored Hillary Clinton over Trump.

    Sorry Bruce. Your analysis is worthless at the most basic analysis.

    • Bruce Frohman had trouble with our comments feature; please let us know if you have the same problem. We will post your responses internally. Below is Bruce’s response to John Duarte:

      “My analysis comes from casually interviewing numerous individuals representing all parts of the political spectrum over a period of years.
      Every person is a citizen first who deserves to be respected for his views. No one should be denigrated or labeled for his point of view.
      Your statement of values mirrors most of the views held by self-proclaimed liberals and Democrats. For example, Democrats agree that our borders should be controlled and conducted in a legal manner. They are patriots, too.
      You dismiss the views of Democrats despite the fact that they will agree with you over 90 percent of the time.
      Relying solely on Fox News and web sites that may receive false information from the Russians or fabricate their own stories may not be the best way to determine what is actually going on.
      I stand by my analysis. Thanks to you and JN Sbranti for helping to validate it. In dismissing the validity of the entire piece, you confirmed intolerance to viewpoints outside of your own narrative. You also confirmed that you rely on Fox for news, typical of Denham supporters. I did not represent that the article pertains to all Denham supporters; you definitely fall somewhere within the parameters!”

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