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Is Great Valley Congressman Jeff Denham A True Conservative?, by Bruce Frohman

Like many of us, former Modesto City Councilman Bruce Frohman has noticed that labels like “conservative” and “liberal” don’t really apply to today’s politicians and issues. Here, Frohman looks at Congressman Jeff Denham through the lens of the traditional conservative and decides that Jeff Denham isn’t really very conservative at all. Congressman Jeff Denham is […]

Does the Modesto Bee Really Favor Federal Assistance for the Valley?

A recurring theme in Modesto Bee editorials over the years is the lack of assistance the San Joaquin Valley receives from our federal government. These editorials have always seemed ironic to those who’ve noticed the Bee’s consistent support for anti-government politicians like Jeff Denham. Now the Bee has a chance to show its readers where […]