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What’s Happened to Garrad Marsh and Jenny Kenoyer?

The Valley Citizen enthusiastically supported Modesto Mayor Garrad Marsh and Councilperson Jenny Kennoyer. Mostly because they favor inclusion of Wood Colony in the City’s General Plan, both have left supporters wondering whether they’ve abandoned the principle planks of their pre-election platforms, which included smart growth and farmland preservation. The wide consensus is both have sold […]

Logic Behind Votes to Add Wood Colony to Sphere Of Influence

News item: The Modesto Bee reported in its Thursday edition that the Modesto City Council voted 5-2 in favor of adding Wood Colony to its General Plan map. Councilmembers Zoslocki and Lopez voted against the addition. In politics, everything has a logical explanation. Oftentimes, the logic  seems impossible to follow. Undoubtedly, to some, the Tuesday night decision looks  crazy. Let’s look […]