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Highway 132 and History

Legend has it that Ed Mape used to herd cattle from behind the wheel of his Cadillac car. Maybe he spelled Cadillac with two “Ts.” Today, the Mapes Ranch is more famous for its billboard sign reading “Breed the Best and Forget the Rest” than for its former owner, but it’s still a major feature […]

Elected Officials Need to Speak Out on 132 Expansion, by Rhett Calkins

In “How Would the New 132 Freeway Affect Wood Colony,” Bruce Frohman wrote that plans to change the route of 132 are “gaining momentum.” People need to ask, “Gaining momentum to do what?  Introduce sprawl out to Dakota? Introduce another major intersection to reduce momentum on an already jammed-up Carpenter Rd?  Is this something we […]

How Would the New 132 Freeway Affect Wood Colony?

During the four years that this writer served on the Modesto City Council, many maps were examined and studied for planning purposes. Various urban configurations were presented for consideration. Based on this writer’s experience, the residents of that community may have considerable misconceptions about the impacts that the construction of the 132 freeway would have on them. […]