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Asphalt Empire Rises

The two best economic indicators last week weren’t in the business section of your daily newspaper. Instead, they came in the form of a political announcement and a little-noticed vote by one of the most obscure committees in county government. The political announcement was Dave Lopez’s formal declaration he would run for Mayor of Modesto […]

LAFCo: The Developers’ Best Kept Secret

Ask a Stanislaus County resident what LAFCo is, and there’s a 99% chance you’ll draw a blank look. That same resident may lament the ongoing loss of local farmland and the  blighted appearance of empty houses and brown yards but never know that there exists a local government agency charged with preserving farmland and preventing […]

LAFCO: Longest Rehearsal in Regional History Continues

  The Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO) is a government agency charged with protecting farmland and preventing sprawl. In places like Ventura, Yolo, and Sonoma Counties, LAFCO has played a major role in establishing firm boundaries to protect farmland from urban encroachment. Things are different here in Stanislaus County. “We haven’t done a very good […]