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On Science, the Republican Party Plays the Doubt Card

During an era when civil discourse seems more endangered every day, Rossean Hunter manages to maintain respect for others while making a good case for science over politics. We’ve made some minor changes to her comments on a recent story by Keith Law and featured them here. We appreciate her insights and tone. Hello Friend: […]

The Supervisor’s Guide to Living Large by Avoiding Taxes

“I’ve had it with California. It’s the hostile business climate, the politics and high taxes,” said Stanislaus County Supervisor James R. DeMartini, explaining why he was moving to Nevada instead of running again for his board seat. If he was trying to sound like a victim, some aren’t buying it. Mr. DeMartini has been living […]

Reviewing Stanislaus County Supervisors Races: Districts 1 and 5

Upcoming elections in Stanislaus County Districts 1 and 5 could result in a change of direction for a board that has lost its way since the onset of Covid-19. In District 1, Modesto City Councilmember Bill Zoslocki is running against Buck Condit, a Captain in the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District. Both candidates participated in […]

Reviewing California’s Ballot Propositions: When in Doubt, Vote “No”

Propositions are established via citizen petitions or by order of the State Legislature for an assortment of reasons. Some propositions amend the state constitution, requiring a vote of the citizens. Some proposals intend to undo decisions made by the state legislature or to circumvent the legislative process. Some propositions favor special interests. There are twelve […]

Congressman Tom McClintock’s Deadly Denial of Global Warming

Bob Woodward’s new tell-all book, Rage, reveals specific evidence that Donald Trump knew about the severity of Covid-19 (C-19) before it ravaged our nation, killing nearly 200,000 and sinking our economy. Not only did Trump willfully withhold information that he knew would save lives, but he also actively lied about the virus, and continues to invite […]

Byrd Still Best for MID Board

Suzy Powell-Roos, a three-time Olympian and perhaps the most globally successful local athlete in recent memory, gives the Modesto Irrigation District (MID) a “B” or “B+” for its performance over the last two years. It’s the same grade assigned by incumbent board member Larry Byrd, whom Powell-Roos is challenging. With an overall good grade for […]

Reviewing the Races for Modesto City Council, Districts 1 and 3

We’ll be providing recaps and review on the Modesto Bee local political forums, beginning here with reviews of the taped interviews for Modesto City Council Districts 1 and 3. Though city and county elected offices are theoretically non-partisan, nothing has made the contrary more evident than the Covid pandemic, when wearing or rejecting a facemask […]

Josh Harder: The Congressman Unmasked

“The Postal Service is enshrined in our Constitution. It’s what brings America together; it’s the connective fabric of America.” We caught Josh Harder without a mask yesterday, but we had to use a zoom lens. Harder has been wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing for months. Monday, he was outside and more than […]

Local Leaders to Essential Workers: “You are Expendable”

It was only a few months ago that Donald Trump thought he could ride a strong economy into a second term as President of the United States. Having avoided removal from office during an impeachment that Senator Mitch McConnell nullified before it started, Trump was confident he would cruise into the November election buoyed by […]

A Plan for Reopening Our Schools

Before he retired in 2019, Keith Law taught philosophy at Merced College. He has many decades’ experience in education. The current debate over how to begin the fall 2020 school year is stuck in a false dilemma between two equally bad options. Parents don’t want to send children to school if they risk infection for […]