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Outcry Rises over Supervisor’s Seeming Sympathy with Insurrection

The day after the attempted coup of January 6, Stanislaus County Supervisor Terry Withrow published comments on his Facebook page that offered an eerie echo of Donald Trump’s now infamous remarks that there were “good people on both sides” during the demonstrations in Charlottesville. Withrow said that there were “sincere people on both sides” of […]

Sue Zwahlen Will Put Modesto Back in Business

There was little to learn from Wednesday’s debate between Sue Zwahlen and Modesto City Councilmember Doug Ridenour. Sponsored by the Modesto Bee, the debate stumbled through technical problems and distraction from the tumult in Washington DC. Neither Ridenour nor Zwahlen could muster much passion; they clearly like and respect one another. Ridenour was most animated […]

No, Mr. DeMartini, Homeless People are not Bums

There’s a lot to unpack in Stanislaus County Supervisor Jim DeMartini’s recent comments about homeless people, but let’s start with his claim that they’re “bums.” Not too long ago, most any high school senior could have recognized such an assertion as a hasty generalization, but after decades of talk show bombast and free market propaganda, […]

The Monster in Our Valley

Donald Trump spent the last days of his campaign thrashing and flailing like a feral hog trapped in a rising mire of its own turpitude. He went out in an orgy of scapegoating, blame shifting and self-pity. His post-election threats to sue and invalidate the votes of millions of the American people have been met […]

Now is the Time to Come to the Aid of Your Country

Susan Eggman and Josh Harder were in downtown Modesto Saturday morning, urging volunteers and their fellow citizens to exercise their most fundamental right under the Constitution of the United States — the vote. When the Founding Fathers debated about what kind of government should shape the new nation they envisioned as an “experiment,” they rejected […]

Still in Doubt? Vote ‘em Out!

For most of the duration of the pandemic, Stanislaus County has been among the top five worst counties in the state for controlling Covid-19.  As of October 25, it was 12th in infection rates at 77 per 100,000 residents. On the same day, the nearest county to the north, San Joaquin, registered 58 positive tests […]

Josh Harder: The Paperboy Who Went to Congress

You know that being an American is more than a matter of where your parents came from. It is a belief that all men are created free and equal and that everyone deserves an even break. Harry S. Truman Though he may soon become yet another casualty of new technology, the paperboy is one of […]

Harder vs Howze? Howze Knocks Himself Out

 It wouldn’t be accurate to write Josh Harder scored a TKO over Ted Howze during their debate in Turlock Wednesday night. It was more a case of Howze running head-first into Harder’s record of accomplishments, then bouncing off solid objects and into his own logical cul-de-sacs. Howze came into the debate with a surprise attack. […]

Reviewing the Candidates’ Forum for Modesto City Council District 6

Four candidates participated in the Modesto Bee’s Candidates’ Forum for Modesto City Council’s District 6 on September 16. Two of the candidates, David Wright and Kelsten Obert, said they would be voting for Ted Howze for congress. Given Howze’s contempt for science and medicine, his documented lies, and his failure to explain racist and xenophobic […]

Reviewing the Candidates’ Forum for Mayor of Modesto

Among the more puzzling aspects of Ted Brandvold’s term as Mayor of Modesto is his desire to run again. He’s never seemed to like the job, and has even less aptitude for it than enthusiasm, yet there he was at the September 23 Modesto Bee Mayors’ Forum, seeking another term. The mayor was subjected to […]