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Bruce Frohman served on the Modesto City Council from 1999-2003. He believes the best way to build a better community is to have an informed citizenry.

Is Ted Brandvold the New Dick Lang?

In the 1990s, Dick Lang was the Mayor of Modesto. During his tenure, he made a number of unpopular decisions. In 1999, Mr. Lang was voted out of office because citizens were fed up with higher fees and declining city services. Early this year, Modesto Mayor Ted Brandvold won a runoff election. Since assuming office, […]

Denham vs Eggman: the Trump Factor

When the “Denham for Congress” signs pop up all over Modesto, it must be election time. Mr. Denham may not accomplish anything in Congress, but he’s great at placing signs in public right-of-ways. With Congress still garnering single digit public approval ratings, Mr. Denham is again facing opposition. Three opponents are listed on the June […]

Homeless: The Costly Logic of Busts and Sweeps

Whether by coincidence or design, homeless people in Modesto’s parks have been subjected to heightened harassment and arrests ever since the new mayor and councilmembers took office. Despite the costs and lack of observable benefits, sweeps and busts are occurring more often than ever. Years ago Modesto residents learned through bitter experience that the police […]

Modesto Amgen: Seed Money or Wasted Money?

On February 3rd, a slim majority of the Modesto City Council, led by outgoing Mayor Garrad Marsh, voted to donate $75,000 to the Amgen bicycle tour to pay for an overnight stay of bicycle riders. Was the expenditure a sound investment or a waste of money? We don’t know. Citizens are having a lot of […]

Guns in the Valley: The Rush is On

On Saturday mornings, the parking lot of the Sierra Arms Company on North Carpenter Road in Modesto fills up beyond capacity. The gun shop conducts classes in concealed weapons carry and the classes are full of people who think they will be safe if they carry “protection.” Imagine the small concealed weapons that the students […]

Water Rationing Will Never End

As of this month, the San Joaquin Valley has survived a four year drought. Even if the dry spell ends, area residents will never see an end to water rationing. When construction of our local water delivery system started in the 1870’s, the spring runoff seemed limitless. As time passed, the water system was expanded […]

Road Tax Coming?

After two unsuccessful attempts to pass a transportation sales tax in Stanislaus County, area political leaders are preparing for a third try. Each successive attempt has come closer to passage.  This time, the tax may pass. The original 2006 proposal consisted of a laundry list of projects. Each city and the county government submitted a […]

California Separatist Movement Growing

For many years, talk has periodically surfaced about splitting California at the Tehachapi Mountains into the states of Northern and a Southern California. The proposal never gained momentum. Now, a new proposal to split California along political lines rather than geographic ones is gaining traction. The new state would be called “Jefferson.”  It would be […]

Did Road Diet Kill Measure G?

Seen by some as a waste of taxpayer money, the College Avenue “Road Diet” may have been the nail in the coffin of Measure G.  The new traffic design reduced the number of thru traffic lanes on College Avenue from two to one. In order to sell the sales tax increase, proponents needed to convince […]

Secret Government Hurts the Public Interest

Insiders are speculating that the Oakdale Irrigation District’s (OID) secret water sale may have been the final straw for district voters, who just ousted longtime incumbent OID Directors Frank Clark and Al Bairos. Below, Bruce Frohman provides a history of secrecy in local government and argues it almost always hurts the public interest. A basic […]