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In the Race for CA-10, Harder’s the One

Turlock native son Josh Harder has suddenly become a target for supporters of other candidates, especially those who favor Sue Zwahlen and Michael Eggman. It’s a sure sign Harder has broken away from the pack in California Congressional District 10 (CA-10), where the crowded field also includes Virginia Madueno, Mike Barkley, and Republicans Jeff Denham […]

Your Guide to CA-10 Democratic Congressional Candidates

With only a few short weeks until the June 5 Election Day, and with mail-in ballots coming out in early May, here is our rundown of Democratic candidates for congress in California Congressional District 10. By no means an exhaustive study, we’ve tried to highlight consistent observations of the candidates over the time of the […]

Not a Debate, but a Democrat Suicide Pact

Even before Republican Ted Howze jumped into the mix, the campaign for California Congressional District 10 (CA-10) had more monkey wrenches than gears. Last night in Oakdale, Howze joined the five Democrats in the race in a happy chorus of agreement on everything from Jeff Denham’s poor job of representation to opposition to Governor Jerry […]

California Congressional District 10 Donor Numbers are In

As we did after the year end Federal Election Commission filings, we look past the amount of money given to each candidate to find out how many INDIVIDUALS opened their wallets for their favorites. Methodology: The FEC filings list donations individually but some donors pony up a bit at a time, so there are duplications. […]

Decency Rises at Congressional Debate

The “jungle primary” for California’s Congressional District 10 is starting to seem more like a death march. Last night, the five Democrats in the race and Republican Ted Howze seemed at times to be reading from the same script during a debate put on by the League of Women Voters at Modesto’s City Council Chambers. […]

Harder Rolls Big Bucks Over First Quarter

Below, Steve Ringhoff, of Modesto Explained, offers a concise and revealing summary of candidate fund raising for California’s District 10 Congressional Campaign during this year’s first quarter. Democrat Josh Harder out raised all other democratic challengers during the first three months of 2018, including Michael Eggman, who one wag dubbed the “incumbent Democratic challenger.” Harder […]

Harder Impresses at Town Hall

Congressional candidate Josh Harder impressed an audience of mostly senior citizens at an informal town hall in Modesto yesterday. He fielded tough questions about everything from bombing Syria to California’s proposed bullet train and twin tunnels for water. Probably the most remarkable aspect of his appearance was the lack of equivocation and vague response typical […]

When Five Democrats Equal Two Republicans

News that Ted Howze has already amassed $256,946 for his campaign in California’s Congressional District 10 (CA-10) rocked Democratic insiders like a rare San Joaquin Valley earthquake. Howze’s late entry was initially treated as frivolous, but now the prospect of a two Republican runoff has many Democrats increasingly fretful. It’s a strong message that Democratic […]

Josh Harder: The Kid Who Came Back

For decades, valley citizens have been lamenting the exodus of their children to distant locations. “We have to make our cities more attractive so our kids will want to come back here and live,” they say. But still the kids leave and don’t come back. The exodus of the valley’s best and brightest young people […]

Four Questions for CA-10 Democrats

When Dotty Nygard dropped out of the race for Congressional District 10 (CA-10) on March 9, she left a gaping hole in the hearts of local Democrats. In many ways, Nygard exemplified the ideal candidate. Her sincerity and devotion to others were unquestionable, and her Democratic ideals of justice for all were based on the […]